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About Us

Crypto Deal LTD is a company which offers investors from around the world favorable conditions to earn in the market of cryptocurrency arbitrage and trading. Our professional team of traders and our arbitration algorithm are ready around the clock to provide you a steady income. Your only effort is to register and invest in our plans.
Our company offers a highly profitable investment for everyone. Years of trading experience in the crypto-currency markets provide a stable income not only for company but also for numerous clients around the world. Today our automated platform allows anyone to become an investor and earn on a daily basis with different investment plans. Our investment portfolios are designed in such a way that each participant can fully participate and earn money, regardless of the income level.
Crypto Deal employs a team of highly effective financial experts who track the market continuously and start trading at best times. The Company has had very good results in both trading and start-up financing. However, what we are having now is a tiny part of what we could have if we had enough funds to use every earning opportunity in our sphere. For the purpose of increasing our current assets, we have decided to attract funds from private and corporate investors through our platform and make profit from many more earning opportunities. Our Mission is to ensure maximal profit to each of our investors and keep possible risks to their investments at the lowest levels.


Check out our profitable investment plans and make deposits.
Make a Deal with your success!


5% Daily For Lifetime

Minimum: 25 USD

Maximum: 1,000 USD

Principal: Included

Payment: Instant



7% Daily For Lifetime

Minimum: 1,000 USD

Maximum: 5,000 USD

Principal: Included

Payment: Instant



10% Daily For Lifetime

Minimum: 5,000 USD

Maximum: 25,000 USD

Principal: Included

Payment: Instant


Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program gives you a simple, straightforward way to get rewards, with little effort, for referring partners to Crypto Deal.
By becoming a member you automatically gain access to our Affiliate Program. You can use your unique referral link or banners to promote us and attract referrals through your website, blog, social networks, email or even forum signatures to publicize.

1st level: 5%
2nd level: 2%
3rd level: 1%




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